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The Game Breaker's Toolkit jam 4: make the worst possible game!

Posted by adriendittrick - November 27th, 2020

Jam thread: https://itch.io/jam/game-breakers-toolkit-jam-4

This is a 48 hour game making marathon, but spread out around two week-ends so you can choose the best moment to jam. It is focused on bad design, horrible mechanics, and stupid ideas. It runs from November 27th, at 8PM UTC, to December 6th, at midnight. This jam is a parody of the GMTK game jam, which you can learn about here.

Here is what you need to know:

Who can enter? Anyone, of any age, from anywhere. You can work alone or in teams to make the worst possible game.

What is the theme? [Revealed when the jam starts]

What can I make my game in? Anything, provided you can upload a file that runs on Windows or browsers.

What assets can I use? Absolutely anything, whether you have the right to them or not. Feel free to reuse art or music from the public domain or even from existing games, I don't care. Just make sure you remain somewhat safe for work, as i'll have to make a video showcasing all the games. Although code-wise, I would prefer if you coded everything during the jam time.

Who will judge the games? Games can be judged by anyone. I will also play all the games and make a video compilation out of them. I like pain.

What will the games be judged on? This is a bad design contest, and anything goes. As a general rule rate more stars on criteria which fail excellently. For instance in the "Ear destruction" category, Final fantasy music would get a 1/5. A game that destroys your eardrums gets a 5/5. Here are the rating criteria:

  • Frustration (does your game force you to wait or redo a lot of content?)
  • Unfairness (how little does the player's skill impact gameplay?)
  • Confusion (how badly do you teach your mechanics?)
  • Uncanny valley (how ugly does your game look?)
  • Ear destruction (how bad is the audio?)
  • Bugs (or features in this case)
  • Microtransactions (or any BS triple AAA game practice. Please don't use actual money for this though)

Is there a Discord I can join? Yes! Click here to join it

Further rules:

  • You may participate in two jams at once if they happen at the same time and your game is bad enough to join my jam.
  • Games submitted to the GBTK Jam should not get me banned from youtube/twitch so please remain somewhat SFW.
  • No VR. (or at least make sure the game can be played with a mouse and keyboard)
  • Your game must run on its own and not require me to install other software/viruses
  • You may not enter a game that was made for a previous GBTK jam, but feel free to make sequels!



Comments (4)

Also here is the theme reveal video:

How do I participate? Must I join the Discord server (I don't use Discord) or can I just send a link to the game when it's done, since it will probably get blammed here.. And do the 48 hours start at 8pm UTC? This is the first time I participate in a jam, so I am not very familiar with how everything works :D

Make sure to join the itch thread, and submit a game to it there :)

Joining the discord server is recommended but not compulsory!

Your icon's like a disembodied @Syntrus

Oh wow it does! (I got 2 eyes and headphones though)

@Gimmick @adriendittrick It’s not easy being a cyclops

imagine not seeing in 3D